Private Altun Ha Tour

Less than an hour away from Belize City lies the relics of a Mayan community, the Altun Ha archaeological site. Once covering about 5 mls (8km) squared, the central area of the site has over 500 historic structures to visit. Most were built during Maya Classic era (200-900 AD). Take a step into history at this extraordinary site and examine the way the Mayan inhabitants lived. The site is divided into two main clusters, Plaza A and Plaza B, each with its own special attractions. Plaza A features the mysterious Temple of the Green Tomb, wherein jade, jewelry, flints and other historic items were found. Plaza B is home to the biggest structure of the site, the Temple of Masonry Altar, which rises over 60 ft about the plaza. Thought to be the main religious center of the civilization, the temple houses the famous head of Kinich Ahau: a 10 lb (5 kg) piece of jade carved into the head of the Mayan sun god. Now, the world famous jade head us seen as a national treasure of Belize and is depicted on the local currency.

Pick up point

  • Anywhere in Belize


  • 4 hours


  • Transportation to and from pick up point
  • Countryside tour
  • Altun Ha tour
  • Lunch, refreshments and purified bottled water
  • All park fees

What to Bring

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Hiking shoes or comfortable tennis shoes